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HSV Outbreak – Herpes Simplex Virus.

hsv outbreak

Genital herpes outbreak(HSV outbreak) sounds scarier when you think about it. When I first heard it as an outbreak, I thought it was in the likeness of a cholera outbreak, so, I did a little research about herpes simplex virus to help people who might ask the same question as me.

I am not talking about herpes epidemics, I mean the emergence or appearance of herpes sores or blisters. However, it is best to think of it as a viral infection that is sexually transmitted. Think of it like a common cold which is also caused by a virus too. So when next you hear about HV outbreak, know that whether it is mouth(oral herpes) or genital herpes outbreak(HSV outbreak), it is perfectly possible to heal but not cured. A lot of folks actually ask me the following question, so I will delve into FAQ immediately

hsv outbreak

There are two types of viruses that cause herpes. They are herpes simplex virus 1(HSV-1)and herpes simplex virus 2(HSV-2).

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While HSV-1 usually causes cold sores on the mouth and lips, HSV-2 usually causes herpes to the genitals, anus or legs. However, this is not always the case. For example, it is possible to contact the genital herpes simplex virus of a person who has a cold sore in his mouth. During oral sex or cunnilingus.

You can also see herpes outbreaks occur in the skin, eg on the hands, the face or nipples.

How do I make herpes heal?

Don’t expect me to tell you there is a cure for HSV outbreak for it because there isn’t. HSV outbreaks and sores will disappear by themselves within 2-3 weeks and resurface when triggered. Don’t worry, we will discuss that. But, you can use antiviral treatment e.g acyclovir to relieve the symptoms, and it will also reduce the risk of herpes transmission.

Everything depends on the presented of the first symptom of HSV outbreak and its recurrence, whether you are being treated or not. If it is the first infection, you should take antiviral tablets. If you have a recurrent HSV outbreak, antiviral tablets are only administered if your symptoms are severe, this could help heal herpes or an already crusting up herpes.
what Genital herpe looks like

Why is it called HSV outbreak?

HSV, as I have said before, is a viral infection. I have already mentioned the parts of the body where they are seen: the mouth, genitals.

HSV is highly contagious and when I say an outbreak, I still do not mean an epidemic. it is simply a rapidly manifestation and occurrence of herpes sores and, cuts, blisters: that is what I mean by the outbreak, and it comes with its own symptoms too even though you might be a carrier and it is just a matter of time before it manifest physically.

What is the effect of alcohol on genital herpes?

I get this question from especially a friend to a friend who has a genital HSV outbreak. They believe that alcohol has some effect on herpes.
well, according to a JOURNAL ARTICLE written by Christiane Stock, Francisco Guillén-Grima, Juan Hermoso de Mendoza, Blanca Marin-Fernandez, Ines Aguinaga-Ontoso, and Alexander Krämer
European Journal of Epidemiology
Vol. 17, No. 9 (2001), pp. 885-890. We discovered the lifestyle has a huge role to play in herpes sore and this means that the intake of alcohol as a lifestyle has a protected effect on herpes Simplex virus 1 which is commonly seen in the mouth, called cold sore or oral herpes sore.

Talking about the effect of alcoholic on genital herpes sore(HSV outbreak), there is currently no research-documented to show how alcohol affects genital HSV outbreak

What is your take on genital herpes cuts?

Well, except you mean the sores. However, most terminologies even use ulcers or blisters. Please do not be tempted to bust open the blisters as this could hasten the spread of herpes. Herpes sores or cuts can produce symptoms that could be treated but that does not mean the virus is gone, there is a great tendency of the herpes sores, blisters, sores or cut reappearing. The fun part is that even when you are not having the symptoms, you could actually transmit the virus to your sexual partner.

Does herpes smell?

I would answer that for the women. Yes, a woman infected with herpes virus experiences discharges from the vagina which of course smells. We call it a “fishy smell”, although there is another smell that mimics this in female, the sexually transmitted disease is called Trichomoniasis or Trichomonas vaginitis.herpe sores

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How possible is it to transmit HSV-1(cold sore) through kissing

Kissing cold sore mouth? It is actually difficult to narrow down and say explicitly the chances of contacting cold sore through kissing But, I know that this might all depend on the individual’s immunity and mode of transmission.

HSV and pregnant women gives an abstract to a study in Canada showing that when they tested women with no history of Herpes Simplex Virus, they found “43% had HSV-1” and 2% had HSV2! So, there are lots of asymptomatic(people not having the symptoms)transmissions. Now, that further explains that cold sore may be transmitted through kissing, just like I said.

Another thing I researched is that pregnant women are to avoid having oral sex with herpes partners. 2% of all women who are negative for herpes will acquire it while pregnant. This is over a 9 month period, so the risk is much higher for them. Pregnant women are already with low immunity, so why complicate matters by contacting the HSV outbreak in pregnancy, which is a lot easy to contact at that stage.

In general, the more protection in terms of the use of condoms, the practice of safe sex and medications are used, the less likely the transmission rate will be for the women, but it will never be zero.

From my research, the female genitalia is more likely to become infected during oral sex than that of the male, because the epithelial skin of the labia is more conducive to multiple small abrasions than the skin of the penis.

HSV from mother to unborn child

One of the greatest risks of HSV infection in pregnancy is if the mother has an outbreak at the time of delivery. If an obstetrician observes lesions consistent with herpes, or if the mother reports symptoms of a pending outbreak like itching and burning, a cesarean section will be performed to reduce the risk of transmission to the newborn. A pre-pregnancy infection still carries serious risk because of serious infections to the fetus. It can cause severe encephalitis

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Herpes Prodrome

This is There is no need of getting confused, I am talking about the prodromal phase of HSV outbreak. By this I mean events I terms of symptoms you might have noticed before the herpes blisters or cuts started appearing(HSV outbreak).

These symptoms according to listed are not limited to what I have listed here:

After being exposed to HSV sexually or by kissing, you might begin to notice symptoms within 2–12 days.

Triggers for HSV outbreak

  • Weakened immune system: pregnant women, HIV patients, babies less than 6 months, radiotherapy patients, and even chemotherapy patients.
  • Sexual intercourse(sex)
  • common cold
  • In Africa, we discovered that malaria, typhoid, and exposure to stress has shown to be the best major trriggers of those with HSV. This commonly manifests as oral herpes.
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes especially during the menstrual periods for ladies.

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Symptoms for Genital Herpes for women

  • Burning sensation
  • Itching
  • Fever
  • Vaginal discharge with a fishy smell.

The astonishing thing is that most women even mistake HSV outbreaks to be vaginitis, UTI, or hemorrhoids. Most women don’t realize they have HSV until they are tested.

Symptoms for Genital Herpes for men

  • Sores or blisters on the penis.
  • Severe Fever.
  • Constant Headache.
  • Weakness.
  • Body pains
  • Swollen and painful inguinal lymph nodes.

Over 50% of infected people have this prodrome in the buttocks, legs, and even hips. In some cases, symptoms might no show up after being infected which might take years.


The first outbreak, which is often the worst, usually ends within three weeks. Over time, recurrences tend to decrease in frequency, duration, and severity. Genital herpes outbreak caused by HSV-2 recurs more often than those caused by HSV-1.